Progress Report

The Special Olympics Scarf Project continues. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I didn’t buy enough yarn to complete the 12 scarves I had hoped for. I think what I’ll do is make a poll with multiple options. Vote for as many (or as few) of the scarves you’d like to see made, and I’ll go from there, stopping when I run out of yarn (or time . . . hopefully it’s the former and not the latter).

I was able to complete both the Vegan Silk and Granny Flair Special Olympics Scarf patterns though, and I think they turned out quite well:

Right now, I’m working on the ‘Special Olympics Scarf’, and I’m enjoying the pattern so much that I’m going to be using it to make a blanket. 🙂

Remember, the choices look like this: Bergamot Ripple, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Crochet Ripple, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf, Two Tone Scarf

You can vote for as many as you like. I’ll close the poll on Saturday morning. Thanks! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Those both turned out so lovely, Kate! Great job! I’m excited to see the one you’re working on now (as a blanket, right? That sounds awesome!)

  2. Those two are really cute, Kate! I couldn’t decide which of the other scarves were my favorite though. I tried! I narrowed it down to three, the crochet ripple, the heart sampler square, and the ripple scarf. They all are just too cute. 😀

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