Good/Bad/Hopeful? News

Wow, I’ve been silent on this here blog for a while, haven’t I??? I’ve been busy: reading (a few book reviews are coming up soon!, and STITCHING!)

Which brings me to the good news: I finished 8 scarves in my ‘Special Olympics Scarf Project’! 🙂

The first scarf I worked on was the ‘Cancer Awareness’ scarf . . . which I couldn’t complete until I was closer to the end of a skein of the yarn (because of how it needed to be put together). I think it turned out pretty well:

The second scarf I worked on was the ‘Simple Argyle’, which turned out to not be so simple after all! I think the idea of tapestry crochet is an interesting one, and maybe I’ll eventually make a foray into it, but it was too tedious to try whilst on a deadline! So, I ended up making the ‘Ripple Scarf’ pattern as scarf ‘#2b’:

I’ve already showed you the ‘Vegan Silk’ and ‘Granny Flair’ scarves, so on to scarf #5, which was the ‘Special Olympics Scarf’:

(Not sure why this one refuses to rotate, no matter what I try!)

Next up is the ‘Crochet Ripple’:

Then, the ‘Heart Sampler Square’:

And last, but not least, #8 was ‘Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf’:

I think I need a new camera . . . not sure what’s going on with the colours in this pic . . .

And, here’s all 8 together! 🙂

I was so excited to be able to package these up and send them off to help up warm up the athletes in this year’s Special Olympics! 🙂

However . . . there’s bad news. Shipping these scarfs would cost upwards of $40, which is entirely cost-prohibitive for our family at the moment! 😦

I was so disappointed when I found out that news yesterday. I had worked so hard on this project and wanted to help out with a cause that I’ve a vested interest in . . .

This is where the hopeful news comes in . . . I’m going to offer these scarfs to you if you want them.  I want to raise money for the Special Olympics, but, due to the copyright and designer requests on some of the patterns, I cannot mark them as for sale.

That said, I CAN offer them to you for free, and if you want to make a donation to the Special Olympics (or a Downs Syndrome foundation), that is up to you! 😉 (I will have my hunky tech guy post a ‘donate’ button on this site if you’d rather donate the money directly to me, and I will in turn send that same amount on to the Special Olympics . . . )

So, the scarfs are up for grabs . . . ready? set!  GOOOOOO . . . 😆


Progress Report

The Special Olympics Scarf Project continues. Unfortunately, it’s looking like I didn’t buy enough yarn to complete the 12 scarves I had hoped for. I think what I’ll do is make a poll with multiple options. Vote for as many (or as few) of the scarves you’d like to see made, and I’ll go from there, stopping when I run out of yarn (or time . . . hopefully it’s the former and not the latter).

I was able to complete both the Vegan Silk and Granny Flair Special Olympics Scarf patterns though, and I think they turned out quite well:

Right now, I’m working on the ‘Special Olympics Scarf’, and I’m enjoying the pattern so much that I’m going to be using it to make a blanket. 🙂

Remember, the choices look like this: Bergamot Ripple, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Crochet Ripple, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf, Two Tone Scarf

You can vote for as many as you like. I’ll close the poll on Saturday morning. Thanks! 🙂


I’ve been making progress on the second Special Olympics Scarf (the Simple Argyle Scarf), but the progress has been slow at best.  Note to self: do not attempt to learn a new technique when on a deadline!

So, what I’m going to do is put that one aside, and make the rest of the scarves.  That way, when I’m done, I can re-evaluate how much time I have left over, and see if I have enough time to finish the argyle, or if I should frog it and make something else.

Looks like the Vegan Silk won for this round, so that’s next up.  Once again, we’re voting for the following:

Bergamot Ripple, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Crochet Ripple, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf, Special Olympics Granny Flair, Special Olympics Scarf and Two-Tone Scarf.

Thanks for voting! 🙂


Dark Horse

The Special Olympics Scarf Project (SOSP) rolls on.  After taking a break yesterday to work on some blanket squares for another charity project I’m involved in (more on that in a future post), I’m about to ‘cast on’ the 2nd scarf!

I was completely surprised to look at the results of the poll for the 2nd scarf and see that the Simple Argyle Scarf had come out of nowhere (0 votes in the first poll), to win!  I did have a brief moment of panic last night though, when the link I had to the pattern wouldn’t work!  However, I did manage to scout out the corrected link, so all systems are go, go, go! 🙂

And now, of course, it’s time for the 3rd poll! 🙂  Once again, the choices are:

Bergamot Ripple Scarf, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Crochet Ripple Scarf, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf, Special Olympics Granny Flair Scarf, Special Olympics Scarf, Two Tone Scarf and Vegan Silk.

Oh!  And before I forget, yes, there will be pictures of each completed scarf!  However, because of the construction (sewing) process for the Cancer Awareness Scarf, I need to wait until I’m at the end of the yarn skein so that I don’t waste yarn when cutting a length to use for sewing! 🙂

Scarf Project

The Special Olympics scarf project has started!  I was so excited to sign up for this project back in December, that I neglected to do my homework first . . . that of finding out if I could actually get the specified colours of yarn here in Canada.  I found the blue yarn at a Wal-Mart 90 minutes south of where I live (and didn’t buy it at the time, supposing that if THAT Wal-Mart had the blue, mine would too . . . umm . . . oops?!?), but never did find the turquoise.

I ended up ordering both the blue and the turquoise the first week of January from the States, and it finally arrived yesterday!  WOOHOO!  I immediately started work on the Cancer Awareness Scarf, which was the winner in the poll.  I’m halfway done the scarf already, so I need to know what I should do next! 🙂

I’m going to create a new poll as I start each scarf, so please, vote for your ‘next favourite’.  All previous votes have been ‘nullified’, so if you don’t vote in each poll, your vote won’t count! 🙂

The choices, once again, are: Bergamot Ripple ScarfBev’s Special Olympics ScarfCrochet Ripple ScarfHeart Sampler Square,Lemonade ScarfRipple Scarf,  Simple Argyle ScarfSpecial Olympics Granny Flair ScarfSpecial Olympics ScarfTwo Tone ScarfVegan Silk

Thanks! 🙂

And the Winners Are . . .

Thank you all so much for being willing to participate in the polls for the Year of the Blanket! 🙂  I’m excited to start work on the projects you’ve chosen! 🙂

For the white baby blanket for my dear friend, you chose the Lacy Afghan.  I think she’ll really like the pattern . . . so pretty! 🙂

For the variegated blanket(s), the first place choice was the Dreamy Lace Baby Throw.  Three other blankets received equal numbers of votes, so I’ll probably open another poll when it comes time to make a second blanket with the variegated yarn.

The choice for the blue/white blanket(s) was the Chenille Afghan.  Now, the question will be, should it be in blue, or white? 🙂  Second place was a tie as well, so that will have to be revisited in the future as well.

Last, but not least, the blanket meant for an adult.  The choice was the Crochet New Wave Throw, but last night, I discovered another option that I wish I’d known about to include in the polls.  We’ll have to see if I like that other pattern enough to include it in a poll against the New Wave throw later on!

I hope y’all aren’t going to groan when I do this . . . but I should have done this poll first before the blanket polls.  In celebration of my second cousin Halle  who has Down Syndrome, I am crocheting 12 scarfs for Special Olympics Washington State (no scarf programme exists here in Canada).  The due date for mailing these scarves is mid-February, so they are first up on my queue, before the blankets.

The colours this year are blue and turquoise, and I’ve chosen 12 patterns that I want to make.  I thought it might be fun to have a little poll to see which of the 12 I should ‘cast on’ first . . . *grin*

Voting will be open until Sunday, or until my yarn arrives in the mail, whichever comes first.

Choices are (in alphabetical order): Bergamot Ripple Scarf, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Cancer Awareness Scarf, Crochet Ripple Scarf, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf,  Simple Argyle Scarf, Special Olympics Granny Flair Scarf, Special Olympics Scarf, Two Tone Scarf, Vegan Silk

*I will be making each scarf listed.  The poll is just to see in what order I should go! 😉

Year of the Blanket

One of my fellow crocheters has declared 2011 to be ‘The Year of the Blanket’.  She is doing 11 blankets for 2011, and is encouraging others to join her.  While I’m not sure that 11 blankets is do-able for me, given the other projects I want to complete this year, I am more than willing to make 2011 “The Year of the Blanket” for myself as well.

This is where y’all come in.  I have a few blanket ideas that I want to do this year, but need some input on what patterns I should try and tackle! 🙂

First up is a baby blanket to be made all in white.  One of my dearest friends is expecting at the end of March, but has decided not to find out if it’s a boy or a girl this time around.  So, I need something that will be pretty without being overly girly . . .

Crochet Sweet Baby Blankie, Dainty Baby Blanket, Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket, Lacy Afghan, Lozenge Lace Blanket

Next are blankets I am hoping to make to sell.  I was given some pastel variegated yarn and plan on making a few baby blankets with it.  I think I can probably make 3 blankets with the amount of yarn I have, but I’m not sure.  I’ll start off with the one that gets the most votes, and go from there . . .

Crochet Baby Blankie, Diamond Baby BlanketDreamy Lace Baby Throw, Little Girl’s Favourite Throw, One-Ball Baby Blanket

When we were preparing for the baby that we didn’t end up being able to adopt, I bought some white and blue yarns for making him some blankets.  After the adoption fell through, I couldn’t bear to finish the blankets I had worked so hard to make, so I frogged them.  It’s been almost 2 years now, and I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can use the yarn that was meant for those blankets for other baby blankets (to give or to sell, not sure yet) . . . So these blankets would either be in blue and white, or solid blue, or solid white.  Again, I have enough yarn to make multiple blankets, so I would start with the most popular one first . . .

Chenille Afghan in solid blue or solid white, Crochet Heathers Throw in solid blue or solid white, Diagonal Granny Squares Baby Afghan in blue and white, Sonoma Baby Blanket in blue and white, Summer Stripes Baby Afghan in blue and white

And last, but not least, a poll for a blanket specifically made for an adult.  I have a variegated yarn consisting of purple, blue, sage and white, and some matching sage, white and perhaps blue (depending on the how much I use for another project I’m currently working on).

Crochet Colonial Log Cabin Afghan, Crochet New Wave Throw, Scraps Spectacular, Shaded Blanket, Tiles Granny Afghan

Feel free to vote, and comment on the blanket ideas I’ve submitted.  I am going to enjoy making 2011 the “Year of the Blanket”! 🙂