After hemming and hawing for quite some time and a challenge last night from a dear friend, I’ve decided to return to the land of blogging.  Perhaps this foray will be a little more successful than the last several.  Or perhaps this will prove to me once and for all that blogging and I do not ‘play well’ together! 😆

As the title of the blog states, I am a work in progress.  I am still trying to become who God wants me to be.  Some days I do better than others . . . but then again, that’s true for all of us.  I hope to be able to share some of the thoughts and feelings I have about who God wants me to become and how I am going to become that person.

I think it’s also apropos that Work in Progress (WIP) is also a commonly used term in the needlework world.  I plan on incorporating my love of crochet, and also my journey back to my first needlework love, cross stitching, into this blog as well.

I will also chronicle the books I am reading as I finish them, with the first ‘book review’ to be posted this evening.  I think reading ‘out of the best books’ helps me become who God wants me to be.

I hope that by following me on my journey to becoming the woman God wants me to become, you may also find yourself encouraged to continue your own journey to becoming who God wants YOU to become! 🙂

In Him,