Answered Prayer

I had the neatest experience last night and into this morning. One that still makes me smile and tear up. Last night (and it’s a long story why, involving my OCD and organising the blogs I read into various categories ~ don’t ask!), I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to make me aware of one of His little ones who was going through a medical trial and needed my prayers. At the time, I thought that the likelihood of that prayer being answered specifically was a wee bit slim, and resolved to pray for ALL of Father’s little ones, even if I couldn’t pray for them by name.

Oh me of little faith! God answered my prayer in a big and unexpected way this morning. I was reading blogs like I usually do in the mornings, when I came across Ashley’s (Make It and Love It) blog post for today: all about her college roommate Katie, and her 1 year old son Dylan who will be having leg amputation surgery on Wednesday morning due to a medical condition. (The details of Dylan’s story are found in Katie’s blog about the topic.)

Wow, was I ever humbled. As tears ran down my face, I prayed for Dylan’s surgery to go well, and for Katie and her family to be blessed with peace. I also thanked my Father in Heaven for showing me that He is bigger than my imagination; that He can answer even the most seemingly ‘obscure’ prayers in a BIG way! 


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