Three Cups of Tea

This was the book club pick for January.  It’s been on my list of books to-read for a while, so I’m really glad I had the chance to read it finally! 🙂

This book tells the story of Greg Mortenson, a former mountain climber who now is head of the Central Asia Institute, which builds schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan to provide a secular education to children (especially girls) who might otherwise not have that opportunity.

I had heard of Mortenson’s work before, and was intrigued while reading the story of how the CAI came to be.  It was amazing to me to see the humility and willingness to learn that Greg had amongst the people in northern Pakistan . . . especially that he paid so close attention to the words of the leader of Korphe, Haji Ali.

The book was hard to get into at first, and the last few chapters kind of dragged a bit.  The middle was my favourite part . . . this is one of those stories that reads like an adventure novel, when it is, in actuality, completely non-fiction!

A friend of mine told me that she had read the second part of Mortenson’s story (“Stones Into Schools”) and enjoyed it much better than “Three Cups” . . . perhaps because in “Stones”, Mortenson does not use a co-author.  Either way, I’m excited to explore more into the life and work of this remarkable man! 🙂

4 stars

2011 Page Count ~ 1467


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