Dark Horse

The Special Olympics Scarf Project (SOSP) rolls on.  After taking a break yesterday to work on some blanket squares for another charity project I’m involved in (more on that in a future post), I’m about to ‘cast on’ the 2nd scarf!

I was completely surprised to look at the results of the poll for the 2nd scarf and see that the Simple Argyle Scarf had come out of nowhere (0 votes in the first poll), to win!  I did have a brief moment of panic last night though, when the link I had to the pattern wouldn’t work!  However, I did manage to scout out the corrected link, so all systems are go, go, go! 🙂

And now, of course, it’s time for the 3rd poll! 🙂  Once again, the choices are:

Bergamot Ripple Scarf, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Crochet Ripple Scarf, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf, Special Olympics Granny Flair Scarf, Special Olympics Scarf, Two Tone Scarf and Vegan Silk.

Oh!  And before I forget, yes, there will be pictures of each completed scarf!  However, because of the construction (sewing) process for the Cancer Awareness Scarf, I need to wait until I’m at the end of the yarn skein so that I don’t waste yarn when cutting a length to use for sewing! 🙂


One thought on “Dark Horse

  1. I’m still rooting for my favorite! But I guess if the Vegan Silk wins (it’s in the lead right now) that will be fine; it’s beautiful, too. (And yeah, since you are doing ALL of them anyway, I guess that is ALSO fine! LOL)

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