Scarf Project

The Special Olympics scarf project has started!  I was so excited to sign up for this project back in December, that I neglected to do my homework first . . . that of finding out if I could actually get the specified colours of yarn here in Canada.  I found the blue yarn at a Wal-Mart 90 minutes south of where I live (and didn’t buy it at the time, supposing that if THAT Wal-Mart had the blue, mine would too . . . umm . . . oops?!?), but never did find the turquoise.

I ended up ordering both the blue and the turquoise the first week of January from the States, and it finally arrived yesterday!  WOOHOO!  I immediately started work on the Cancer Awareness Scarf, which was the winner in the poll.  I’m halfway done the scarf already, so I need to know what I should do next! 🙂

I’m going to create a new poll as I start each scarf, so please, vote for your ‘next favourite’.  All previous votes have been ‘nullified’, so if you don’t vote in each poll, your vote won’t count! 🙂

The choices, once again, are: Bergamot Ripple ScarfBev’s Special Olympics ScarfCrochet Ripple ScarfHeart Sampler Square,Lemonade ScarfRipple Scarf,  Simple Argyle ScarfSpecial Olympics Granny Flair ScarfSpecial Olympics ScarfTwo Tone ScarfVegan Silk

Thanks! 🙂


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