And the Winners Are . . .

Thank you all so much for being willing to participate in the polls for the Year of the Blanket! 🙂  I’m excited to start work on the projects you’ve chosen! 🙂

For the white baby blanket for my dear friend, you chose the Lacy Afghan.  I think she’ll really like the pattern . . . so pretty! 🙂

For the variegated blanket(s), the first place choice was the Dreamy Lace Baby Throw.  Three other blankets received equal numbers of votes, so I’ll probably open another poll when it comes time to make a second blanket with the variegated yarn.

The choice for the blue/white blanket(s) was the Chenille Afghan.  Now, the question will be, should it be in blue, or white? 🙂  Second place was a tie as well, so that will have to be revisited in the future as well.

Last, but not least, the blanket meant for an adult.  The choice was the Crochet New Wave Throw, but last night, I discovered another option that I wish I’d known about to include in the polls.  We’ll have to see if I like that other pattern enough to include it in a poll against the New Wave throw later on!

I hope y’all aren’t going to groan when I do this . . . but I should have done this poll first before the blanket polls.  In celebration of my second cousin Halle  who has Down Syndrome, I am crocheting 12 scarfs for Special Olympics Washington State (no scarf programme exists here in Canada).  The due date for mailing these scarves is mid-February, so they are first up on my queue, before the blankets.

The colours this year are blue and turquoise, and I’ve chosen 12 patterns that I want to make.  I thought it might be fun to have a little poll to see which of the 12 I should ‘cast on’ first . . . *grin*

Voting will be open until Sunday, or until my yarn arrives in the mail, whichever comes first.

Choices are (in alphabetical order): Bergamot Ripple Scarf, Bev’s Special Olympics Scarf, Cancer Awareness Scarf, Crochet Ripple Scarf, Heart Sampler Square, Lemonade Scarf, Ripple Scarf,  Simple Argyle Scarf, Special Olympics Granny Flair Scarf, Special Olympics Scarf, Two Tone Scarf, Vegan Silk

*I will be making each scarf listed.  The poll is just to see in what order I should go! 😉


2 thoughts on “And the Winners Are . . .

  1. I kind of feel like I do when I vote in an election — none of my candidates are ever the winners! 😆 Well, actually, I think I voted for one of those (or highly considered it) and all the winners are truly lovely.

    I’m having fun voting in these polls — good for you on making all these scarves! I like both the Cancer Awareness one (that’s winning right now!) and the Special Olympics (which was what I finally ended up voting for — I guess it reminds me of the Gryffindor scarves! Go go Gryffindor!)

  2. oops! i voted twice … for the same one. so, really, granny only has one. the cancer awareness that has 3 votes was my second choice, though … but i want a granny one!! we’ll have to talk about a commission order one of these days … ;oP

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