Even Now/Ever After

I’m reviewing 2 books today . . . the 2 books in Karen Kingsbury’s “Lost Love” series.

The first book in the series, “Even Now”, tells the story of Shane and Lauren, teenagers whose friendship grows into love at a young age.  An unexpected pregnancy leaves their parents sure that something must be done to protect the reputations and hearts of their son and daughter, and Shane and Lauren are forced to separate.    The book also tells of their daughter, Emily, and her search for the parents she never knew.

In “Ever After”, Emily (now a college student), meets a young soldier named Justin who turns her world upside down.  Their love for each other, built on faith in God, is a bright light, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of those around them.  Shane and Lauren, whose political differences have drawn them apart yet again, must learn that sacrifice requires true love and that true love cannot exist without sacrifice.

I really enjoyed both these books, as I enjoy all of Kingsbury’s novels.  The characters she creates are so real that sometimes I just want to give them a hug, or wring their neck (depending on how annoying their behaviour is!) 😆  Though Shane, Lauren and Emily were the three main characters in each book, I enjoyed Emily most as a character.  I thought Kingsbury’s portrayal of Emily as a young woman of real faith was spot-on.

I’m a big fan of Christian fiction, and Karen Kingsbury is one of my favourite authors in this genre . . . “Even Now” and “Ever After” are really good books! (4 stars each!)

2011 Page Count ~ 1467 (including a yet to be reviewed book)

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One thought on “Even Now/Ever After

  1. have to confess, kingsbury is not as much a favourite with me as she is with others. janette oke will always be #1 in my book, and lori wick is pretty much tied with her. of course, oke doesn’t write solo anymore, and wick has stopped writing altogether, but i love every single book each has written.

    okay. i didn’t meant to go on that tangent.

    i have read both of these and enjoyed them. but i don’t rave on them. 3 stars from me.

    having said all that, i LOVE what kingsbury does with her life and her books – she is someone who definitely lets her light shine!

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