First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who took the time to read and comment on my last post.  I was in a discouraging place, and your kind and thought-provoking words helped me move on from there.

I’ve felt more sure of myself since writing (ever notice how writing is cathartic like that?), but for some reason have hesitated to post anything else on here.  I now know why.  There was a post I needed to read first before being able to sort out my thoughts.

Our lives are filled with a myriad ‘forks in the road’ as it were.  Choices are made every day that can alter the way our lives play out.  There is often not a wrong or a right to the everyday, mundane choices we make.  (Thank goodness, or can you imagine the utter paralysing fear that we’d be in constantly????)

I made the mistake of presuming that the voice inside my head telling me that I’m not good enough was unavoidable.  That I had no choice but to hear it.  Truth of the matter is, I DO choose to hear it . . . most likely from fear of rejection (I’ve had issues with THAT my entire 35 years of life . . . ugh!).

Well, no more!

Today, and every day if necessary, I CHOOSE to be the person God created me to be . . .

I CHOOSE to be a Godly wife who submits herself willingly to a righteous husband’s leadership

I CHOOSE to be a mother who teaches her only son how to become a righteous man through the everyday learning process that is our home school

I CHOOSE to be the listening ears, the warm embrace, the LOVE that friendship is all about

I CHOOSE to follow God’s plan for me . . .

which means . . .

I CHOOSE to sing as if no one but God is listening

(PS ~ this post was written on Tuesday, but I delayed posting until today because I was hoping to figure out how to use the technology available to me to add a clip of me singing, which obviously hasn’t happened yet . . . stay tuned?)


5 thoughts on “Being

  1. Hey Sis, choose to sing as if everyone were listening because you sing beautifully!!! And on a lighter note…speaking from experience, never use q-tips to stab those voices in your head no matter how annoying they may get…lol! Love ya!!! Kerri

  2. Oh I do hope you can get that clip posted. How lovely that would be! (I record on my digital camera then upload to YouTube).

    Beautiful thoughts here, Kate. Very inspirational!

  3. Thanks for the Post Kate. It is a good reminder to me. But I wanted to add my own note to that. I have noticed that the negative voices in are heads are not quite as loud when our heart is on the right place. The reason I say this is I have had the same problem -espcially regarding homeschooling, but as I have relied on the spirit more and have reminded myself the blessings Heavenly Father has promised me, I am able to turn the volume down on the negativethoughts. We are all a work in progress.

  4. You go girl! 🙂 I do think you should sing just for the joy of it. It’s nice to be praised, but sometimes we forget that we do things because we enjoy them and not because we want our friends (and strangers!) to applaud us (though that’s a nice bonus, isn’t it?).

    That said, I can identify with the insecurities you talked about in your previous post, the ones mentioned in this post. For some reason I give the negative voices in my head a lot of power and end up feeling judged even if nobody’s said anything! I love what you said, that “there is often not a right or wrong to the choices we make.” Someday maybe I can stop making up rules for myself about what perfection is supposed to be and just be happy with how things *are* instead! (To my credit, I can see slow progress in this area in the last five years or so — so that’s good, right??) 🙂

    Thanks for being you. I think you’re great. 😀

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